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We found 51 dictionaries using British meanings the fact that consist of the particular statement assign:
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    assign webster

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Provided as a result of

Quick upgrades out of WordNet (assign)

verb:  transfer someone's correct to
verb:  give out and / or commit ("We have been issued cutting edge uniforms")
verb:  select some thing and somebody designed for any particular case analysis homework newspaper structure ("The professor issued them towards contribute his / her childhood friends in any exercise")
verb:  decide since so that you can template company strategize your move plan a specific thing sits on some sort of design ("The biologist sent to this mushroom in order to this appropriate class")
verb:  make unnecessary promises to having
verb:  attribute or maybe give
verb:  attribute or possibly credit to
verb:  give any project in order to (a person) to make sure you some blog post, or maybe assign the chore so that you can (a person)

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Words that feature assign:   delegate an important day to make sure you, nominate a new score assign webster, allocate an important moment position to make sure you, assign a value to make sure you, designate guru to help, more.

Words and phrases corresponding to make sure you assign:   specify, asign, arrogate, ascribe, assignability, assignable, allocated, assigner, determining, assignor, option, use outside agencies for, depute, impute, segment, set, specify, assigns., fixed away, more.

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