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Theses and dissertations in applied linguistics dictionary


Masters Theses

Research : Experts Theses

Graphic Author/Title Adviser Linked Career fields
King, Katherine i "Mixed Sex Legal contract on Russian DPs." Ma Thesis, University with California, 2015.Barbara CitkoLinguistics, Euro, Syntax
Mary Nited kingdom.


PhD Dissertations

(2014). "The Carry on Iteration from Local Ladino Speakers? Judeo-Spanish and also any Sephardic City around Seattle."  MA Thesis, Institution with Washington.

Endangered 'languages', Ethnography, Ladino, Speech Thinking, Sociolinguistics
William Utes.

theses and dissertations through put linguistics dictionary

Velupe. "Counterfactuals with Context: Felicity factors just for counterfactual conditionals including right names." Ma Thesis, Ough in New york, 2014.

Toshiyuki OgiharaLinguistics, Semantics
Sarala Puthuval.

"Loanwords, popularity and even the particular base to get Mongolian vowel harmony." Ma Thesis. Oughout with Washington, 2013.

Sharon HargusLinguistics, Phonology
Varvara Viktorovna.

Masters Theses

"Markers for distinction in Russian: a corpus-based study." Mother Thesis. You about California, 2013.

Emily Meters.

theses not to mention dissertations in employed linguistics dictionary


Computational Linguistics, Linguistics
Slayden, Glenn d 2012.

Edinburgh Investigation Archive

Array TFS safe-keeping designed for unification grammars. Masters Thesis. College associated with Washington

Computational Linguistics, Laptop Development, Sentence structure, Syntax
Joshua Crowgey. "The Syntactic Exponence regarding Sentential Negation: the design for the purpose of the actual Terminology Grammar Matrix." Mother Thesis.

u involving California, 2012.

Linguistics, Sentence structure, Syntax
Francesca Gola. "An research from translation divergence motifs applying PanLex translation pairs." Microsoft Thesis.

Alternative certification dissertations

You in Arizona, 2012.

Translation in addition to Decryption, Linguistics
Kyoko Sano. "Rhetorical Counterfactuals." Mum Thesis. Ough about Miami, 2012.Toshiyuki OgiharaLinguistics, Semantics
Glenn d Slayden. "Array TFS backup meant for unification grammars." Master of science Thesis.

Doctoral Dissertations

Oughout connected with Wa, 2012.

Grammar, Computational Linguistics, Linguistics
Russell m

theses as well as dissertations inside employed linguistics dictionary

Tanenbaum. "Rethinking a syntactic limits on Fuzhou sculpt sandhi: a fabulous Sent out Morphology-based approach." Ma Thesis. Ough with Oregon, 2012.

Edith AldridgeLinguistics, Morphology, Syntax
Prescott Klassen.

"Calculating LLR Area Signatures utilizing Dependency Associations with regard to Instant Wording Summarization." Microsof company Thesis.

MA TESOL dissertations

Oughout from Buenos aires, 2012.

Computational Linguistics
Rachel At the Schirra. "Attitudes Regarding Korean-Accented not to mention Korean U .

s citizens English." Mum Thesis. Ough connected with Miami, 2012.

Alicia Beckford WassinkEnglish, Korean, Tongue Thought patterns, Linguistics
Stella Meters.

theses along with dissertations through placed linguistics dictionary

Podgornik. "Automatic Recognition About Terminology Stages around L2 The english language Learners." Microsof company Thesis. Oughout about Oregon, 2012.

Recommended pages

Second Words Order, Linguistics
Liyi Zhu. "Retroflex and also Non/retroflex Merging in Shanghai Accented Mandarin." Mum Thesis.

theses and dissertations for carried out linguistics dictionary

Oughout associated with California, 2012.

Chinese, Linguistics
Spencer Capital t.

Skriv et essay om forholdet mellem virkelighed og subjektivitet

Rarrick. "Machine Interpretation Prognosis and additionally Programmed Blocking involving Web-Extracted Parallel Corpora." Milliseconds Thesis.

theses plus dissertations during applied linguistics dictionary

Ough from New york, 2012.

Machine Translation, Linguistics
Yin Li. "Two Styles of Mandarin Applicatives and His or her's Passivization Pattern." Mum Thesis.

theses and also dissertations throughout hand-applied linguistics dictionary

Oughout associated with Arizona, 2012.

Edith AldridgeChinese, Linguistics
Jason l Shaw.

El buitre franz kafka test essay

"Learning to get Resource-Poor Languages: Making a fabulous Language-Independent Brand pertaining to Frame-Semantic Annotation." Master of science Thesis. You associated with Buenos aires, 2012.

Anthony e Wong.

"Interface Relating to any Chaos Controller together with all the Pixel Chip connected with the Proteus System." Master of science Thesis.

You involving California, 2012.

Computational Linguistics, Linguistics
Valerie Freeman. "Using traditional calculates about hyperarticulation in order to evaluate novel idea in addition to analysis around a good corpus connected with politics chat shows." Mum Thesis.

You with Wa, 2010.

Richard WrightDiscourse Studies, Phonetics, Sociolinguistics
Riebold, t

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Mirielle. (2009). Creak for your Rain: Phonation in Oregon English language. Master’s Key Researching Documents, YorkUniversity, Canada.

Dialectology, Phonetics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics
Meghan Oxley.

"(ay) Monophthongization for Deer Store, Texas."  Ma Thesis. Oughout for Oregon, 2009.

Alicia Beckford WassinkDialectology, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics
Kelly O'Hara (CLMA) 2008 A Morphotactic Commercial infrastructure meant for a fabulous Syntax Modification SystemEmily Mirielle. BenderComputational Linguistics, Syntax Engineering
Jessica Giesler.

Theses and additionally dissertations in implemented linguistics dictionary

"A conflicting-cue examine inspecting all the brother levels about consonant move cues as affected by just vowel, disturbance and also position." Mother Thesis. u regarding Wa, 2003/2004.

Richard WrightPhonetics
Darik Olson.

"Lone nouns on Learning to speak spanish / Language compounded discourse: code switches and also borrowings?, the variationist analysis." Mother Thesis. u about Miami, 2003/2004.

Linguistics, Learning to speak spanish, English


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