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The method of salting fish or meat, was widely used during the time when Brazil became Portugal’s colony. Therefore, the different recipes and ways to prepare the salt cod were fully embraced by the Brazilians. Wonder why? It’s very tasty and much easier to make than most people would think. 

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This is so funny, about you wishing pepperoni pizza (don’t order it in Europe though – only if you like a pizza with spicy peppers). This pizza looks delicious!

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As an RN since 1987 & married to a cardiologist/medical for 20+ years I will tell you why for many reasons. Back when my DH was in med school-the SMARTEST students went into medicine, the mediocre went into surgery. I found that out this truth during my training & while working. It is disgusting to me that insurance companies value procedures over KNOWLEDGE THAT SAVES PEOPLE’S LIVES WHEN COMPLICATION’S HAPPEN!! I have worked on medical floors & cardiac surgery post-op floors & I AM GOING TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, WHEN A SURGICAL PATIENT DEVELOPS COMPLICATION/S, THE FIRST THING THEY DO IS CALL IN “MEDICAL SPECIALISTS” FOR A CONSULT & IMMEDIATELY TRANSFER THE PATIENT TO THE MEDICAL SERVICE!! Terry is no different, WHAT DO YOU THINK HE DOES WHEN HIS PATIENT’S DEVELOP COMPLICATION’s-turf them to a MEDICAL SPECIALIST & Continue his surgical drive thru assembly line..What angers me is again, HOW PROCEDURES are VALUED MORE THAN SKILLS THAT HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE OVER COMPLICATIONS & Hospitals are no different, they kick the surgical pt’s who develop complications off the “valuable beds” onto a medical floor to clean up the mess. ALSO-DO YOU KNOW THAT TERRY CALLS ON MY HUSBAND TO EVALUATE VIABILITY,POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS THAT CAN HAPPEN PRE/DURING/POST-OP & ask HIM HIS PROFESSIONAL POV for “medical clearance” to even consider DOING ANY KIND OF PROCEDURE?? Lastly, ONLY SURGEONS LIVE IN COMPOUNDS LIKE HIM w/all the frills, Medical specialists earn maybe 1/4 of HIM, but do all the dirty work & IMPORTANT DECISIONS!!
FYI-PAST 10 YEARS, ANY DENTIST OR PHYSICIAN CAN CLAIM SPECIAL SKILLS LIKE-botox, facial/body plastic surgery procedures BY TAKING A 1 WEEK COURSE!! PLEASE ALWAYS GET REFERRALS & CHECK BACKGROUND ON TRAINING BEFORE GETTING ANY SURGICAL PROCEDURE!! Scary & sadly true, & $$ for procedure, pretty office doesn’t mean anything-expertise,training,common sense does!
Good luck to anyone considering elective or necessary procedures & please think about my info & check out/get referrals on ALL providers-thanks:)

Cynthia No Other LoverCynthia No Other LoverCynthia No Other LoverCynthia No Other Lover