Indiscreet music dubious collaberations

The urn containing the 'bones' in Westminster Abbey Another major deficiency in 1933 was the lack of a reliable method for establishing a family relationship between the two bodies. In the report a relationship was largely assumed, and unreliable techniques then applied to prove it. No attempt was made to determine their sex. With such young children this is difficult, but new techniques being developed will soon make it possible. More reliable methods have been developed since 1933, particularly DNA testing. With this powerful new technique it is possible to determine whether the children were male or female, to show if a relationship existed between them and whether they were both descended from the same person. The drawback in this particular case is that for this test to work a comparison between the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) in the bones and that in a person descended in an unbroken female line from Elizabeth Woodville, the mother of the princes, must be made. This is because only mtDNA descends unchanged, through the female line, through the generations. No such descent from Queen Elizabeth Woodville, or her mother Jacquetta, is currently known. An alternative would be to disinter Queen Elizabeth's body and, to check their paternity, that of Edward IV their father. However, genealogical research is being undertaken by Dr John Ashdown-Hill to trace the Woodville mtDNA.

Multiple-choice grammar questions can be answered multiple ways:
1) know the grammar rule for the one correct answer 
2) eliminate all wrong answers to find the remaining correct answer 
3) know a correct similar sentence - Can’t (swim/any activity) (no good/good/well)? 
4) reword to clarify - I write (no good/good/well). 
5) guess after eliminating some wrong answers

When I think “anti-Semitic”, I think of people who don’t like, maybe even hate, Jews. I think of the medieval burghers who accused Jews of baking matzah with the blood of Christian children. I think of the Russians who would hold pogroms and kill Jews and burn their property. I think of the Nazis. I think of people who killed various distant family members of mine without a second thought.

However MI5 passed one particular letter from the bag to the tax authorities, because it seemed to indicate that the three brothers who had a virtual monopoly over Britain’s entertainment industry were short-changing the taxman.

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As a lawyer, Scott had observed much of the Burr trial firsthand, and he had developed a deep loathing for Wilkinson. Wilkinson now managed to further sour Scott’s opinion of him. The local environment proved inhospitable, and Secretary of War William Eustis ordered Wilkinson to remove the army to a healthier locale some 250 miles up the Mississippi. Instead, he moved them a short distance downriver, to a fetid swamp, and supplied them with substandard provisions. One chronicler asserts the latter was “probably due to collusion with a civilian contractor.” Wilkinson also reportedly kept a Creole mistress in New Orleans whom he was reluctant to abandon. Within weeks most of his men were suffering from a variety of maladies. Hundreds perished, while others deserted or resigned their commissions. Of his 2,000-man force, only 600 remained fit for duty.

Indiscreet Music Dubious Collaberations