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In 1938 Pep fought Sugar Ray Robinson in the attic of a feed store in Norwich, CT. [4] Outweighing Pep nearly 130 to 105, the bigger Robinson won by decision. According to Pep's later telling, Robinson was an amateur champion in the state of New York, where amateurs were not paid, so he took a pseudonym to get bouts for money in Connecticut. Because of this, Pep did not know who he was fighting at the time. Before the fight he was told his unknown opponent was not good, but he recalls quickly learning otherwise once the bout began and Robinson was "all over me." [5]

"It's a challenge that I always wanted. I worked really hard to be in this position," Taggart told ESPN earlier this month. "I never thought that I'd be at Oregon, but I'm so glad that it is Oregon. To me, you have all the ingredients to be successful here.

Hi Records is the premier Memphis Soul Record Label of the 1970's and home to Al Green, Ann Peebles, Syl Johnson, Otis Clay, Willie Mitchell , and more

Willie Mitchell On TopWillie Mitchell On TopWillie Mitchell On TopWillie Mitchell On Top