Twinkle brothers countrymen

This is an attempt at a complete list of films produced by Shaw Brothers Studios . Films that were distributed but not produced by the Studio are not included in this list.

Twinkleshine appears in Too Many Pinkie Pies , in the crowd complaining about the Pinkie Pies. She also appears in One Bad Apple , at the movie theater with Minuette and in the crowd during the Summer Harvest Parade. She appears in Magic Duel , in the crowd watching Twilight levitating animals. She also appears in Sleepless in Ponyville , happily trotting through Ponyville while Cherry Berry and Comet Tail are arguing. In Just for Sidekicks , she appears in front of the Mane Six in line at the Crystal Empire train station, talking to " All Aboard ". She also appears in Magical Mystery Cure .

Twinkle Brothers CountrymenTwinkle Brothers CountrymenTwinkle Brothers CountrymenTwinkle Brothers Countrymen