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Responsibilities of Outbound Short-Term Exchange Students

Students who are sent abroad under the Rotary Youth Exchange Program are required to accept the following obligations:

 • Students are expected to obey the laws of the host country at all times and accept the discipline of their host parents (if you don't, your exchange will be terminated and you and your parents will bear any travel surcharges).

• Students are required to sign a written statement that they will not, under any circumstances, drive a motor vehicle while under the supervision of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

• Students may be required to address Rotary Clubs, other service organizations, youth groups and community groups during their stay in the host country and will, on their return to the United States, be expected to address similar groups on their experience as an exchange student.

• During their stay abroad, students may be expected to attend any official Rotary and Youth Exchange Program functions as directed by their host club.

• Students are ambassadors for their home countries and must at all times behave in a manner which will reflect positively on their families, communities and country.

• Students must travel directly to and return directly from their host countries. Students are not allowed to stay in the host country after the termination of the exchange period.

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Rotary Connection Want You To KnowRotary Connection Want You To KnowRotary Connection Want You To KnowRotary Connection Want You To Know