Fates warning the spectre within

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Although Hardy remains primarily regarded as a novelist, he considered his poetry to be his most substantial contribution to literature. He wrote poetry as a young man, gave it up for fiction (which proved more profitable), and returned to poetry after abandoning novel-writing for good. Hardy's poetry, like his late novels, is remarkably modern. Like that of Robert Frost or Wallace Stevens , Hardy's poetry possesses a uniquely modern sensibility while retaining the formal traditions of rhyme and meter characteristic of most poetry prior to modernism . Philip Larkin was a great proponent of Hardy's poetry, and it is largely due to his efforts that Hardy, slowly, has entered the modernist canon, ranked alongside William Butler Yeats as one of the foremost English innovators of his times.

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Fates Warning The Spectre WithinFates Warning The Spectre WithinFates Warning The Spectre WithinFates Warning The Spectre Within