Johnny thunders so alone

Cyril Barber in  The Minister's Library - Volume 3  has some cautions on a popular book edited by Steve Gregg, Steve, ed. Revelation: Four Views. A Parallel Commentary  writing the following - "Combines four major ways to interpret John’s vision taking a careful look at the postmillennial, amillennial, and premillennial views before discussing the preterist, historicist, futurist, and idealist interpretations. Though lauded by some modern neo-orthodox theologians, this work suffers from some unfortunate limitations (., where futuristic approaches are criticized for assigning everything after chapter 4 to a very limited period of history, and the critique of a literal millennium, etc.). Often the arguments of the contributors is weak (., the identity of the 24 elders), but the editor gives no evidence of the fact that the interpretation of the text is thereby weakened . 

The ferocious Category 5 hurricane damaged 95 per cent of the structures on the small island, with more than 800 people left homeless. Mr Browne said the damage was “horrendous”, with homes demolished and roads and telecommunications systems destroyed. He said the recovery effort would take months, if not years, and cost at least $100 million.

Johnny Thunders So AloneJohnny Thunders So AloneJohnny Thunders So AloneJohnny Thunders So Alone