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"Love Like Blood" was an international hit and defined Killing Joke in the 1980s. Bill Janovitz of AllMusic staff stated: [5]

"It's totally out of character for both of them," one woman told Heat Vision outside Ballroom 20, minutes before the screening Friday. "They're supposed to have a father-daughter relationship."

And as the pieces of this fragmented story fall into place, one can't help but feel oppressed by its basic familiarity. Once you catch up with what's going on, and realize that events are presented out-of-sequence, you start to realize how you're being manipulated into disliking Chook and German. Their crimes are, as presented, a matter of history. They've already happened, at some point, and cannot be changed. They lust after women, scowl a bunch, and prey on the unsuspecting. Trouble is that viewers of "Killing Ground" must eventually see what's coming. This film teases viewers by obstructing our view of the plot's road ahead, then only reveals what's coming once we realize we're stuck on a one-lane road with no place to turn off. Power traps us, and then expects us to be relieved when he doesn't go exactly where he's led us to think he would. 

Killing Joke Live At Joker PlaceKilling Joke Live At Joker PlaceKilling Joke Live At Joker PlaceKilling Joke Live At Joker Place