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[English] By Shawn Poole. "Didn't Have To Die: How an Encounter That Never Happened Might Have Helped to Change History If It Had" was originally published in Spanish in The Stone Pony Magazine issue 53, September 2009.

Woody Guthrie had the greatest influence on Elliott. Guthrie's son, Arlo , said [ where? ] that because of Woody's illness and early death, Arlo never really got to know him, but learned his father's songs and performing style from Elliott. Elliott's guitar and his mastery of Guthrie's material had a big impact on Bob Dylan when he lived in Minneapolis. [2] When he reached New York, Dylan was sometimes referred to as the 'son' of Jack Elliott, because Elliott had a way of introducing Dylan's songs with the words: "Here's a song from my son, Bob Dylan." Dylan rose to prominence as a songwriter; Elliott continued as an interpretative troubadour, bringing old songs to new audiences in his idiosyncratic manner. Elliott also influenced Phil Ochs , and played guitar and sang harmony on Ochs' song " Joe Hill " from the Tape from California album. Elliott also discovered singer-songwriter Guthrie Thomas in a bar in Northern California in 1973, bringing Thomas to Hollywood where Thomas' music career began.

Ramblin Jack Elliott Young BrighamRamblin Jack Elliott Young BrighamRamblin Jack Elliott Young BrighamRamblin Jack Elliott Young Brigham