Villa 21 electric poison

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Avec notamment la production de spectacle comme Front 242 à la Machine du Moulin Rouge à Paris et dans les lieux incontournables de la capitale comme La Cigale, Le Café de La Danse, L’Alhambra, La Boule Noire ou bien des clubs cultes comme le Batofar, le Nuba ou le Social Club…

After the surrender of the garrison on June 7, the German army group commander Crown Prince Wilhelm , presented Major Raynal with a French officer's sword as a sign of respect. Raynal and his soldiers remained in captivity in Germany until the Armistice of 11 November 1918 . The fort was recaptured by French infantry on November 2, 1916 after an artillery bombardment involving two long-range 400-millimetre (16 in) railway guns. After its recapture, Fort Vaux was repaired and garrisoned. Several underground galleries to reach the far outside, one of them being 1 mi ( km) long, were dug and equipped, the water reserve was quadrupled and light was provided by two electric generators. Some damage from the fighting on June 2 can still be seen. The underground installations of the fort are well-preserved and are currently open to the public for guided visits.

Villa 21 Electric PoisonVilla 21 Electric PoisonVilla 21 Electric PoisonVilla 21 Electric Poison