Princess say im your number one

This is how our camper actually looks 90% of the time.  Not nearly as glamorous, I know, but it works well for us.  Our two girls share the full bunkend and PopUpBoy gets the dinette bed.  Each person in the family has a plastic 3-drawer “dresser” to store their clothes.  We bought Sterilite 4-drawer carts from Target (you can also get them on Amazon here ), popped off the lid and removed one of the small drawers, then put the cart back together.  These little dressers fit down on the floor between the long cabinet and dinette when we fold up the camper.  The top drawer is for underwear and socks, the middle drawer holds shirts and jackets, and the bottom drawer holds pants, shorts, and pajamas.  We pack enough clothes for five days, which means we have to visit a laundromat a couple times during our long trips.

“I am approaching 90 days in sobriety and so far, it has been a journey. When I first decided to quit drinking my mind was full of doubts, insecurities, fear of failure and wonder about whether I would be able to cope and live a normal life without alcohol. It had become very clear to me that I could not go on living the way that I had, the effect of alcohol in my life was becoming unbearable. I was miserable, depressed and had very little enthusiasm for anything, but here I am, nearly 90 days sober, writing this feels so normal it shocks me, I can’t believe it has taken me so long to realize the effect alcohol had to my mind and life.

Princess Say Im Your Number OnePrincess Say Im Your Number OnePrincess Say Im Your Number OnePrincess Say Im Your Number One