Last la explosion

Later that same day, the assembled Gadget (without detonators) was hoisted to the top of the 100 foot test tower. July 15, 1945: On the night of July 15th, the detonators were installed in the Gadget, and assembly was completed. Dr. Norris Bradbury, supervising the assembly process noted in his log book: "Look for rabbit's feet and four leaf clovers. Should we have the chaplain down here"?
343x250, 26 K The partially assembled Gadget atop the test tower. Visible in this picture is Norris Bradbury , who later became the director of Los Alamos for several decades upon Oppenheimer's departure. Bigger image (640x472, 71 K) Biggest image (935x690, 135 K)
351x250, 33 K Partially assembled Gadget. Bigger image (640x456, 92 K) Biggest image (939x669, 142 K)
339x250, 21 K The fully assembled Gadget. Bigger image (640x472, 56 K) Biggest image (1024x755, 120 K) The Trinity Test July 16 1945, 5:29:45 . (Mountain War Time)
Trinity Site Zero, Alamogordo Test Range,
Jornada del Muerto desert.

It was once alive with happy faces, laughing kids and excitement. Now, it looks more like something out of a bad dream or horror film. Haunting images capture a lifeless and decaying Six Flags Theme Park.

Last LA ExplosionLast LA ExplosionLast LA ExplosionLast LA Explosion