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Round 6
Minnesota Twins: Ricardo de la Torre, SS, Puerto Rico Baseball Academy
Cincinnati Reds: Tyler Buffett, RHP, Oklahoma State
San Diego Padres: Aaron Leasher, LHP, Morehead State
Tampa Bay Rays: Zach Rutherford, SS, Old Dominion
Atlanta Braves: Jordan Rodgers, 3B, Tennessee
Oakland Athletics: Logan Salow, LHP, Kentucky
Arizona Diamondbacks: Brian Shaffer, RHP, Maryland
Philadelphia Phillies: Dalton Guthrie, SS, Florida
Milwaukee Brewers: Devin Hairston, SS, Louisville
Los Angeles Angels: Jonah Todd, CF, Auburn
Colorado Rockies: Chad Spanberger, 1B, Arkansas
Chicago White Sox: Kade McClure, RHP, Louisville
Pittsburgh Pirates: Cody Bolton, RHP, Tracy (Calif.) High School
Miami Marlins: Taylor Braley, RHP, University of Southern Mississippi
Kansas City Royals: Tyler Zuber, RHP, Arkansas State
Houston Astros: Jake Adams, 1B, Iowa
New York Yankees: Dalton Lenhen, LHP, Augustana College
Seattle Mariners: Oliver Jaskie, LHP, Michigan
St. Louis Cardinals: Zach Jackson, C, Winter Haven (Fla.) High School
Detroit Tigers: Dane Myers, RHP, Rice University
San Francisco Giants: Bryce Johnson, CF, Sam Houston State
New York Mets: Marcel Renteria, RHP, New Mexico State
Baltimore Orioles: Mason McCoy, SS, Iowa
Toronto Blue Jays: Brock Lundquist, OF, Cal State Long Beach
Los Angeles Dodgers: Wills Montgomerie, RHP, UConn
Boston Red Sox: Zach Schellenger, RHP, Seton Hall
Cleveland Indians: Michael Rivera, C, Florida
Washington Nationals: Kyle Johnston, RHP, Texas
Texas Rangers: Noah Bremer, RHP, Washington
Chicago Cubs: Jeremy Estrada, RHP, Palm Desert (Calif.) High School

Events listed below are notable developments for the region as a whole, not just for a particular state or smaller subdivision of the region; as historians Hine and Faragher put it, they "tell the story of the creation and defense of communities, the use of the lands, the development of markets, and the formation of states.... It is a tale of conquest, but also one of survival, persistence, and the merging of peoples and cultures." [1]

Chas Smith Santa FeChas Smith Santa FeChas Smith Santa FeChas Smith Santa Fe