Avskum demo 1982

There have been two Swedish books released which covers Swedish punk records. First out were Peter Jandreus book The encyclopedia of Swedish punk 1977-1987 (2008) and in 2012 Peter Kagerland released the book Ny Våg – Svensk Punk / New Wave / Synth 1977-1982 . Both books have grading system from 1 to 10. Records with the grading 10 is the most collectable or at least the most valuable.

The Varukers were the original Discore band, the first and best of the hardcore punk acts to take the simple, yet devastatingly effective formula laid down by Discharge and play it as fast, hard, heavy as they could.

Avskum Demo 1982Avskum Demo 1982Avskum Demo 1982Avskum Demo 1982