The wailers walk thru the people

The band decided to return to the Northwest, rather than staying in New York as their record label wished, and they were dropped from their contract. [7] Around the same time, they added lead vocalist "Rockin' Robin" Roberts (Lawrence Fewell Roberts II), a charismatic frontman who had previously been the singer with rival Tacoma band the Bluenotes. [2] [3] John Greek left the group in acrimonious circumstances, and was replaced by bassist John "Buck" Ormsby (b. Seattle, 1941–2016). [4] [4] Ormsby, Morrill and Roberts then formed Etiquette Records and, in 1961, the label released its first single, a cover version of Richard Berry 's " Louie Louie ". For contractual reasons the single was credited to Roberts, but was performed by the whole band. [7] Their recording became a local hit and was distributed nationally by Imperial Records , but did not make the national chart. However, its style, with its trademark 1-2-3, 1-2, 1-2-3 riff, inspired other groups from the Seattle area, most notably the Kingsmen of Portland, Oregon , to record the same song. [3] [6] [2]

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The Wailers Walk Thru The PeopleThe Wailers Walk Thru The PeopleThe Wailers Walk Thru The People