Rose royce strikes again

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After 1937, no British troops were left in Iraq and the government had become solely responsible for internal security. [27] The Royal Air Force (RAF) had been allowed to retain two bases; RAF Shaibah , near Basra and RAF Habbaniya ( Air Vice-Marshal H. G. Smart , also Air Officer Commanding RAF Iraq Command ), between Ramadi and Fallujah . [28] [29] The bases protected British petroleum interests and were a link in the air route between Egypt and India . [28] At the beginning of the Second World War RAF Habbaniya became a training base, protected by No. 1 Armoured Car Company RAF , Iraq Levies and locally raised Iraqi troops, the RAF Iraq Levies . [30] [31]

Rose Royce Strikes AgainRose Royce Strikes AgainRose Royce Strikes AgainRose Royce Strikes Again