Richie mac missions are possible

The A-Team was not generally expected to become a hit, although Stephen J. Cannell has said that George Peppard suggested it would be a huge hit "before we ever turned on a camera". [5] The show became very popular; the first regular episode, which aired after Super Bowl XVII on January 30, 1983, reached % of the television audience, placing fourth in the top 10 Nielsen-rated shows. [6] The A-Team was portrayed as acting on the side of good and helping the oppressed.

Cards from loot crates are assumed to be level 1 55% of the time, level 2 40% of the time, and level 3 5% of the time. Duplicate credit values are assumed to be 200 for a level 1, 400 for a level 2, and 600 for a level 3, this makes the average card level and makes the average duplicate worth 300 credits. Loot crates are assumed to provide an average of 2 cards. Crafting parts are assumed to average 50. This makes the value of a crate (once you have every card in the game) worth 600 credits and 50 crafting parts. The credits are accounted for by reducing the cost of hero crates from 2,200 to 1,600.

Richie Mac Missions Are PossibleRichie Mac Missions Are Possible