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Thirty-seven years later, the trio of original lead vocalists - Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson - supplemented by four new musicians still entertain a rainbow audience of babyboomers with their solid catalog of hits, most of which were played last Friday night at The Space, in Westbury. Its original guitarist Ricky Wilson (Cindy's brother) died of AIDS in 1986, while its original drummer-turned-guitarist Keith Strickland gave up touring with the band in 2011. Pierson last year married her long-time girlfriend.

The B-52's were formed in 1976 when vocalist Cindy Wilson , her older brother and guitarist Ricky , keyboardist and vocalist Kate Pierson , original drummer and percussionist Keith Strickland and cowbell player, poet and lead vocalist Fred Schneider held an impromptu jam session after sharing a tropical Flaming volcano drink at a Chinese restaurant in Athens, Georgia. When they first jammed, Strickland played guitar and Ricky Wilson played congas. They later played their first concert (with Wilson playing guitar) in 1977 at a Valentine's Day party for their friends. [7] [8] [9]

B 52s Planet ClaireB 52s Planet ClaireB 52s Planet ClaireB 52s Planet Claire