Akira wada with friends love islands

A village in the mountains is robbed every year of its wheat crop harvest by a group of plundering bandits who hide out in a mountain fortress. Realizing that there is no way to prevent this other than by hiring samurai to fight for them, Rikichi and Mohei are delegated to search for samurai. They witness a ronin (a samurai not under the employ of any retainer) defeat a band of disorderly bandits by courage and strategy, and request his assistance.

Title: 16 Life Author: AIKAWA Saki ISBN# 4978-4-09-133226-4 Flower Comics, 2010 It’s time to venture back into the world of the Japanese entertainment industry as depicted in shoujo manga! I

For the 35th Sentai series, Toei decided to go big with a major series that acknowledged the past while developing a something new and interesting. Following on their success of Kamen Rider Decade which crossed over elements and concepts of the 9 previous Heisei Riders as well as matters throughout franchise history, they devised a series where similar concepts and cameos would emerge, officially in-canon uniting the super sentai timelines (As had been happening in the Versus movies for many years) to permit a team of Sentai heroes used the powers of the previous 34 teams, using the idea that they were aliens who had no idea about the Sentai legacy and their powers were "pirated" versions of all the other teams.

Akira Wada With Friends Love IslandsAkira Wada With Friends Love IslandsAkira Wada With Friends Love IslandsAkira Wada With Friends Love Islands