Jimmy breedlove i cant help lovin you i saw you

I bought a . Mountain from Goodwill of Nashville. It is best described as a OOO-18 knockoff. I bought it to practice repair and have a playable beater guitar that I could leave in the music room in the Church where I play. I have a real D-28, Harptones, and other good guitars that I don't care to leave somewhere.
The soundboard was entirely covered in red fingernail polish! I sanded that off, and saw that someone had previously sanded through the top layer of laminate in two places, covering their misdeeds with the red guck. I replaced the tuners with good Grovers, refinished the top, and compensated the saddle. I then fitted it with a Seymour Duncan woody pickup. The results were surprising to say the least! It actually sounds far better that it has a right to. I think that sanding all that stuff (and a bit of wood) off the soundboard made the top thinner, and it is louder and more responsive. That's my story, anyway. The present saddle is of the wrong curvature, so I will replace it soon.

Jimmy Breedlove I Cant Help Lovin You I Saw YouJimmy Breedlove I Cant Help Lovin You I Saw You