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A Midlife Degree Is No Job Guarantee
I got to thinking about this issue after my editor forwarded me an email from a distraught 59-year-old Next Avenue reader. She couldn't find a job after picking up a bachelor's degree in social work because employers said she lacked the necessary experience.
That’s an all too common chicken-and-egg predicament faced by many new, older graduates: You need relevant experience to get a new job, but you need a job to gain relevant experience.
If going back to school, either for a degree or a certificate, is something you’re thinking about, here are three considerations for choosing a program wisely, plus two tips to help you find a job after completing your studies:

If you are a social person, you may like talking to your friends during class. If you are a restless person, it may be hard to stop yourself from playing on your phone, rummaging through your bag, or playing in your desk. If these behaviors go unchecked, however, it can hurt your grades, your reputation with teachers and can ultimately hold you back from learning. You can work to stop making noise in class by finding a way to negotiate the “social” side of class, practicing self-discipline, and focusing on your studies.

Classmates Go Away Pay DayClassmates Go Away Pay DayClassmates Go Away Pay DayClassmates Go Away Pay Day