The runaways young and fast

The next year, during the same annual gathering of their parents, Alex intentionally led Nico Minoru , Chase Stein , and Gertrude Yorkes to accidentally witness their parents murdering a young woman during the Ritual of Blood while Karolina Dean and Molly Hayes waited upstairs. [8] The children decided to keep quiet until they could meet privately. [9]

Although Alex is as much the leader of this Runaways team as he was in the comics, the show leans heavily on the fact that this is a female-majority group. This definitely sets the series apart from everything else that has come before it. What’s that been like?

Based on the beloved 2003 Marvel Comics series created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the genius of Runaways is in its relatively simple, and undeniably relatable, premise: Six kids discover that their parents are secretly members of a villainous cabal known as the Pride, and unite to stop them. (What grounded teen hasn’t suspected their parents might actually be evil?)

The Runaways Young And FastThe Runaways Young And FastThe Runaways Young And FastThe Runaways Young And Fast