Tragic mulatto judo for the blind

In the case that Hillary Clinton Italy shall not recognize the validity of in-family fascism nor polygamy which are in violation of Italy's 1948 Constitution prohibiting male fascism under the surrogate babies of history of illegal human and organ section trafficking in the form of sperm and ovarian eggs that are treated under the Italian Executive Monarchy as spam leaf advertising in the form of printed children and to be purged (post-partum) in accordance with anti-racketeering and terrorism laws confiscating and disposing of contraband and materials promoting fascist Islamic State demagoguery pamphlets and leaflets from all Italian territories as an Executive Order against invasive foreign advertising threats and interference of a democracy requiring Executive Military Actions in the form of Absolute Monarchical Powers (Exodus 11:5). Bill Clinton and his fascist transfer to Hillary and Chelsea and the involvement of Pope Francis and Ratzinger, Barack Obama and other men from Vatican, Britain, USA, and elsewhere through the lie that subordination of women to sperm makes them Islamic State Caliphs in Italy or anywhere is Fascism and is in violation of the basic values of a Democracy and is reason according to the Italian Constitution of 1948 to dissolve the current Italian Government and restoration of a non-fascist and Matriarchal Italian Executive Monarchy to balance against male and especially the Vatican's fascism in the European Continent.

Tragic Mulatto Judo For The BlindTragic Mulatto Judo For The BlindTragic Mulatto Judo For The BlindTragic Mulatto Judo For The Blind